Thursday, November 10, 2022

Cricut Card: Sunflower Double Fold

 This card seems simple, and it may be, but it was very time consuming.  It turned out really detailed and bright.  I've made it in 3 different backgrounds and each with a different surprise inside.  I guess the time-consuming part was making over 25 of these cards.  Most of these cards were made for the Scrapbook Expo Sacramento Card Swap.  I've kept several as they are an all-purpose card, and I can grab one when needed.  

I did get the card base and envelopes at Michaels on sale, that saved a bit of time in not having to cut and fold the card.  The sunflowers were cut with the Cricut, but it only had an outline cut.  So, I duplicated the image and then did a 'hide contour' in order to make the solid background image.  Gluing the outline to the back of the flower was tedious and required a steady hand.  I added a few leaves and some gems (not shown).  Inside I made a pop-out 'saying' by gluing in a strip of 1" x 4" folded at 1", 2" and 3.5".  I also added an outline of another sunflower cut and white paper for adding a personal note.

Which version do you like the best?

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