Monday, September 29, 2014

30 Years of Figs

Our first house in 1981 had a fig tree in the corner.  We didn't really live in a hot climate, so the figs were small and limited.  I took a cut from that fig tree when we moved and put it in a coffee can.  There it sat for several years, getting water once in a while.  It never outgrew the can.  Then one day I planted it, and the rest is history.  It is right at home at our 2nd house and this year has produced lots of fruit.  I had a chance to go back to this house and pick some figs a few weeks ago.  It was then I realized that tree has been there for 30 years and just had to take some pictures to 'preserve' the scene.  Time for some fig cookies!

This week at BBTB2 our challenge is to use nuts or squirrels on our project.  I used a couple of different squirrels, who love these figs just as much as I do.  They sit on the top of the fence and chow down.  Michelle, from cricutcrazyscrapper is our lovely hostess for the week, and she invites you to view our creations over at BBTB2 and submit a project.   Squirrels are from CampOut and Animal Kingdom, figs are from Preserves, and the tree is from CampOut, using CCR I stretched it.  Gate is from Freshly Picked.


  1. Wow, what a fabulous layout Maureen! I love that you documented about this fig tree. How cool to have that kind of tree in your yard. I love the die cuts that you used and how clever to put your pictures on the fence/gate. Now I bet your fig cookies are delicious! Hugs, Brenda

  2. Great layout Maureen!! What a wonderful way to remember your fig tree. :)

  3. I love your layout and your pictures. The squirrels are enjoying those figs, too. I have a pear tree in my yard that the squirrels enjoy also. They will take one bite and let it fall to the ground.