Monday, January 6, 2020

BBTB2: Cricut - Happy New Year 2020

Twenty years ago I was sitting at work at midnight, waiting for the new century to crash all of our computers and all the phone company systems to cease working.  Of course, that never happened, and I missed a few good parties that night.  On the other hand, I got to keep my job, and I was close to home so could still celebrate before going to work.

Now into the 3rd decade of the 2000's, it seems life goes by at a much faster pace. I hope not, as I just can't keep up with my crafts and home projects.  I'm going to try and put in a major dent this year in using up my stash.

Meanwhile, over at Bitten by the Bug2, we are kicking the new year off with a challenge.  It runs for two weeks, and the theme is "clocks".  As you see, I choose a New Year's party theme, but my design team did not.  Go on over to Bitten by the Bug2 and add your "clock" created with your Cricut.  Let's get this new year started right!!

Champagne glasses:  New Years 2012
Clock:  Traveler
Party Time:  Birthday Wishes
Baby:  Seasonal Characters
Frame:  Lacy Labels
2020:  Days and Dates
Lots of Stickles, the 2020 is with gold glittered adhesive paper.


  1. Cute and I love seeing a smaller layout. We were just talking today about all of the hype for computers crashing as 2000 came in and how that didn't happen. That and the fact that we couldn't believe it was already 20 years later.

  2. How cute is that little baby New Year?? Adorable layout!

  3. Wow! working for Y2K? I am sure we all have distinct memories. I was pregnant so no partying for me either. Love this project. Thanks Maureen


  4. Love the layout! How cute is baby new year!

  5. I love your New Year's layout. The images are perfect and the photo mat is so pretty!

  6. This is fabulous! I love that baby new year! He is one of my fav images!! Just adore your layout!