Tuesday, December 28, 2021

She's Just a Girl Who Loves Horses

 My granddaughter is taking horse riding lessons.  So, I decided to make her a sweatshirt that will last the winter.  It was pretty easy and came together quickly.   I took an image from Design Space and altered it a bit (taking the heart off of Love, changing the size of the L, and changing the horse.  I think if I added any more colors, she may not like it - 10-year-old fashionistas can be picky.  She loved this sweatshirt!!!


  1. Very cute. My granddaughter took horseback riding lessons too at that age.

  2. What a great job on the fonts and placement of your words and love the horse silhouette... certainly something you granddaughter would love too. You do have two layers and met the requirement to enter into our random draw prizes and of course sweatshirts are warm and cozy. Thanks for sharing your card with us at Double Trouble and BBTB2. Since you have met Thing 1’s requirement... if you want to be included in other many random draw prizes in our Special 100th Challenge make sure you, if you have not already, leave comments in the Design Team posts to be eligible. Please join us.

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