Sunday, November 1, 2015

Halloween 2015 - Cricut - With the Pizza Guy

We were invited to a Halloween party with our long time Italian friends.   I was at a loss as to what we could be.  So, of course, I did what everyone else does, I went to Pinterest.   I found a boy dressed as a pizza guy.  That was my inspiration -  My husband would be a pizza maker and I would be the old Italian mama.   Now my husband is pure Italian, from Sicily, so this was perfect.  We were a hit at the party!

Husbands mustache and his slices of pizza were all made with my Explore in an hour. The Pizza insignia was from the internet.  I put the pizza on a string as we didn't want to hold our props the entire time.  His apron was decorated with Italian sayings - it came wrapped around a salami years ago.  I got his chef hat from the Dollar store and glued on a Sicily patch. My costume had some details that probably only Italians would understand - an apron with a wooden spoon and cannoli makers, a cross on a black necklace, glasses, an old hankerchief (normally kept inside the bra), a slight black mustache, a scarf wrapped tightly over the head, a housecoat, loafers with knee high stockings at the ankles. We had Sicily maps on dish towels tucked in our pockets.  I really loved it and glad I had a slight stroke of genius!

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  1. Cute couple! Clever costumes and great use of the Cricut!

    Glenda's Cards