Tuesday, April 24, 2018

BBTB2: Cricut - Hiking the Amazon

I did it again - forgot to post my project for Bitten by the Bug2 on my own blog.  So here it is a few days late.  Our BBTB2 challenge this week is Springtime Sports.  You may think of baseball, golf, beach volleyball, or amusement parks.  Join our challenge by linking your post to our blog HERE:

Well, I thought of those, but don't participate in any myself; I do love to watch baseball and go to amusement parks like Disneyland!  So I choose something a little different today.  It's a hike - I do consider it a sport and an enjoyable hobby.   On our trip to Ecuador last month, we spent a few days in the Amazon at a lodge.  It was truly beautiful, very tropical, and they had planned several activities for us including a zoo, visiting a local family, canoe rides, and a hike/zip line in the jungle.  My husband wasn't feeling that well that day, so he recuperated by the pool while I joined the group hike.  What an amazing feeling to hike nature unlike anything in the US.  We saw lots of huge insects, a tarantula, heard sounds of the jungle, sweated, and learned about the trees and history of the land.  The hike included a basket zip line (my first) and a suspension bridge.  

We wore boots due to the muddy trails because of the rain the night before.  They were comfortable and I never slipped in the mud like I would have in tennis shoes.  Therefore, the boot is featured on my blog post today.  It says Adventure Seeker, as I truly thought I was ready to see all of South America after that wonderful breathtaking hike.  My background is a Cricut cut Make It Now project that I 'repurposed'.   I added drops of watered down ink and clear Nuvo drops to look like rain.  The results are really better in person.

Cartridges Used:

Palm Leaves:  Botanicals
Boot:  April Showers
Adventure Seeker:  3 Birds on Parade
Mat:  Once Upon A Princess

addition of watered down orange ink and Nuvo drops

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  1. Hiking is definitely my favorite sport! I love this tropical layout. It looks like so much fun!