Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Thanksgiving Candle - Grateful and Blessed - Using Cricut Print feature

This is one of the first tissue candles I have created using a svg cut I got from Kimber and Dawn on Etsy.  There are two sides to the candle, which is only about 4 inches high.   I found a YouTube video on how to apply the prints to candles.  Basically you draw or print onto tissue paper (taping the tissue paper to a plain piece of copier paper).  Then apply the cut out tissue to the candle, add a piece of wax paper to the top and hold it all tightly together.  Then turn on a hair dryer or heat gun and watch the tissue 'melt' into the candle.  The results are really amazing for such a quick project.   Watch the blog for more of these candle creations.

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